Prototype it! is a workshop where our members can use equipment such as 3D Pen and 3D Printer in order to create objects and projects with plastic. They can also use the 3D Scanner to scan their objects and save them in digital form.

Present it! is a versatile space used on a daily basis as a common working space, equipped with laptops, projector, whiteboard, a 50-inch-screen, working desks and chairs. It is ideal for lectures, presentations, workshops, events and meetings with a capacity of 45 attendants.

Programme it! workshop provides equipment such as drones, an oscilloscope, Dash robot by Wonder Workshop, Engino robots, Lego We.Do 2 and Spike Prime bricks, sensors and motors, Arduino platforms, Raspberry Pi and Libelium boards. All equipment is supported with their relevant components and software and may be used to design and program smart devices, computer and mobile apps, as well as projects based on technology and automisation.

Brainstorm it! is a creative meeting space where a group can discuss and plan their projects. It is a warm, comfortable and inspiring space, equipped with whiteboard and stationery.

Visualise it! is a place where you are welcome to experience virtual reality on Oculus Rift headsets. Our members can enjoy digital entertainment, interactive virtual games, time and space travel, while they can also design their own virtual environment.

Develop it! is a photography studio that our members can use. It is equipped with a DSLR camera on a tripod, professional lighting and light reflectors, white and black backgrounds for photo shooting, as well as a green screen.

Design it! is a working and meeting space that can hold up to ten people. It is equipped with stationery, a whiteboard and large working desks for design and painting. It can also be used for online meetings.

Create it! is our wood workshop, equipped with a laser cutter and carpentry equipment, such as a table saw, metal and wood circular saws, an electric grinding wheel, a drill press, an electric screwdriver, a belt sander, a blower and a cordless hammer drill. All this equipment comes with all relevant parts and material that can be used for the design and construction of wooden creations.