Youth Makerspace Larnaka organizes a wide range of workshops on the use of the available equipment, as well as on idea and project development, among other topics. The venue is open to children, young people and organizations, groups, schools, etc. It aims at developing youth entrepreneurship and socialization, offering the young people of Larnaka and Cyprus access to a space for inspiration, communication and high-end technological equipment that will allow them to develop their prototypes and put their ideas into action.

‘Workshops for Makers’ programme consists of independent courses/workshops, with different levels for all ages (10+). Moreover, if a participant needs advice, guidance or technical support on a project, he / she can request a personal meeting with our instructor. Those interested should contact the Youth Makerspace team either via phone (24 -201777) or via email ([email protected]).

Educational Guide

Youth Makerspace Larnaka offers education material created by education and technology academics. The material is based on primary and secondary education levels curriculum and can be applied in student workshops facilitated by teachers and Youth Makerspace staff. Teachers are encouraged to use the venue, facilities and equipment of Youth Makerspace for their lessons. This way, learning becomes more interactive and interesting, as students explore, discover and develop through hands-on experience of new technologies.

Schools / teachers interested in arranging a visit of their students and carrying out a lesson using the lesson plans created for this purpose by our team, should please contact us via phone 24 201777