Education Curriculum

At Youth Makerspace Larnaka, various workshops are held either for learning the use of equipment but also for developing ideas, projects, etc. The space is open to children and young people as well as organized groups of young people, classes or groups of educational institutions and schools and others. It aims to develop high level technological skills for the development and implementation of innovative ideas.

The “Workshops for Makers” or alternatively “Webinars for Makers” consist of independent workshops, of different levels, for all ages. The purpose of the workshops is to learn the equipment at Youth Makerpace and/or other technological programmes. Participants who need extra advice, guidance or technical support for a specific project, can discuss it in person with our trainers.

For more information, please contact Youth Makerspace Larnaka or visit the Activities tab.

Schools and teachers may call 24201777 for further queries and appointments.


Youth Makerspace Larnaka offers workshops on various topics, such as the use of technological equipment, idea and project development, etc. The premises are open to children, young people, youth organisations, educational groups, etc, aiming at enhancing high level technological skills and facilitating the development of innovative ideas.

Webinars for Makers is a series of separate online workshops of various levels for all age groups.

If any of the participants requires advice, guidance or technical support on a project, our trainers will be happy to offer individual guidance.

For more information, you may call Youth Makerspace Larnaka at 24 201777.