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Webinars for Makers 2021

Webinars for Makers 2021 Διοργάνωση Διαδικτυακών Εργαστηρίων από το Youth Makerspace Larnaka Το Youth Makerspace Larnaka συνεχίζει για 2η χρονιά το πρόγραμμα διαδικτυακών εργαστήριων για δημιουργούς το οποίο προωθεί την εκμάθηση του τεχνολογικού εξοπλισμού που διαθέτει στον χώρο του. Τα εργαστήρια θα διεξαχθούν από επαγγελματίες εκπαιδευτές του χώρου σε επίπεδα για αρχάριους και πιο προχωρημένους συμμετέχοντες. […]

Online Workshops by Youth Makerspace Larnaka

Youth Makerspace Larnaka organises workshops on how to use the technological equipment which is available at the premises on a regular basis. Workshops are offered by professional trainers for beginners and advanced users. The aim of the workshops is to inform and train people on how new technology can contribute to the creation of innovative […]

Larnaka Storytelling Statues

An innovative application called “Larnaka Storytelling Statues” was launched today. Through this app locals and visitors can listen to the story of significant personalities and symbols of the past. This interactive app is a joint initiative of Larnaka Tourism Board and Youth Board Cyprus, and is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and Larnaka […]


  What is Arduino? What are its functions and capacities? How can you create, configure and program an Arduino board? Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that enables users to create innovative devices based on an easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino Shields are easy-to-plug peripherals (sensors, displays, motor controllers, etc.) that allow users to design […]

Renewal of cooperation between Youth Board of Cyprus and Larnaka Municipality on Youth Makerspace Larnaka

The Youth Board of Cyprus and Larnaka Municipality are pleased to announce the renewal of their cooperation on Youth Makerspace Larnaka, the innovative, pioneer project that will continue its operation. The agreement renewal was signed by the President of the Youth Board of Cyprus Prodromos K. Alambritis and Larnaka Mayor Andreas Vyras during their meeting […]


For a second consecutive year, Youth Makerspace Larnaka announces an open call for proposals by individuals and groups of creators in the fields of art, design, multimedia, graphic arts, interactive technology, creative engineering, education and entrepreneurship. Makerhouse 2020 Project aims at offering a platform for creation and entrepreneurship, enhancing research and development through modern technologies. […]

Workshops for Makers 7/9/2019 – 14/12/2019

Youth Makerspace Larnaka organised training workshops on how to use the technological equipment available at the premises, such as 3D printer, lase cutter and Arduino. These workshops were held between September and December 2019 with great success. The workshops were offered by professional trainers for beginners and advanced users. The aim of the workshops was […]

MAKERsHOUSE 2019 – Resident: Nayia Demetriou 2/8/2019-28/5/2020

An audio-visual experience which focuses on major human experiences: birth, life, death, different aspects of self and internal battles and changes that transform our self. A creation of a new, anthropomorphic self. A form that may be recognisable or not, a form of metamorphosis of mind and soul. The internal battles are expressed in a […]

MAKERsHOUSE 19 – Resident: Adonis Archontides

YPOMONI Merging his research on God Adonis (a god related to the seasonality of nature, life and death) whose name he bears and the use of videogames as visual art, Adonis Archontides uses technological equipment such as a 3D scanner and printer, erasing the borderlines between tangible and virtual, factual and fictional, real and unreal […]

Open Day 2019 – 13/7/2019

Youth Makerspace Larnaka organised an open day event, opening its doors to the general public. Visitors had the opportunity to view and use the available technological equipment. The innovative technological equipment which is offered by Youth Makerspace Larnaka is essential for development in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, arts, design, multimedia and graphic arts, interactive […]

MAKERsHOUSE 2019 – Resident: Xarkis Group 4/3/2019

The new initiative of Xarkis, titled “Prozymin”, refers to the sourdough cultivation which is the basis of fresh dough for bread making. Over the years, bread has gained special significance in the consciousness of people, being the number one staple food of the population of Cyprus and other countries of this region. In Cypriots’ daily […]